Join 60 Plus Agogo. There is a nominal one-off subscription fee of £1.95 to discourage the frivolous, the nuisance surfers and the spammers, but you do start afresh without all the nonsense, frills and gimmicks.


You do get to choose 5 free eBooks from our sister site eBooks Agogo ( on joining, and a further two free eBooks for each and every one you introduce who becomes your friend on Groups Agogo.


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Is it time to have a  
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For us, privacy is the
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No personal data    
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What do you want from a Social Network?

Are you happy with Facebook?

Is Facebook over-complicated?

Do you find it is easy to find your way about on Facebook?

Are you tired of some of the nonsense you get?

Would you like to see the ads removed?

Is privacy a key concern for you?

Have you noticed the adverts on some social network sites seem to be targeted at you personally?

Have you been subject to spams, scams and viruses by belonging to a Freebie social network site?

Is it time to have a re-think?
Choose the site that is right for you.

If 60 Plus Agogo is not for you, then Groups Agogo, Dads Agogo, Mums Agogo or Volunteers Agogo may very well be.

The Agogo family has easy and straightforward navigation. All the links you need are on every page.

60 Plus Agogo has all the normal expected features of a social network, blogs, forums, events etc. etc. etc.

It does not have all the frills, gimmicks and confusing navigation of some.

It does not use your personal data so that companies can target you with their wares based on your preferences because there are no ads on the Agogo sites, apart from the personal ads of its members.

For us, privacy is the number one priority.

Why not start afresh with a clean slate!